Patronage Statement by Prof. Töpfer

In 1992 the World Community met in Rio to agree on a model for sustainable development.

In the Agenda 21, the action plan for the 21. century, aims, fields of action and measures were defined for the different groups of society.
The Agenda 21 puts special emphasis on the creation of transparency, especially in the fields of company and state activities, where it often acts as a pre-condition for the next steps to more sustainability.

As part of this process there is an intensive ongoing discussion how the financial markets can contribute to sustainable development. The growing importance of socially responsible investment is stressed in this context.

This platform contributes to the transparency of socially responsible investment in an extraordinary way. At the same time it makes transparent, which companies have an outstanding corporate social responsibility. Thereby the platform creates a lever for the financial markets to serve a sustainable development.

I am therefore fond to take over the patronage of this project. It can become an important contribution to put the Agenda 21 into practice.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer
UNEP Executive Director