The Sustainable Business Institute (SBI)


The Sustainable Business Institute (SBI) operates the platform "".

The Institute was founded in 1987. Since 1998, the Institute is under the management of Dr Paschen v. Flotow and contributes to the development of sustainable business and to the integration of ecology into economics.

The goal is to generate and spread knowledge that benefits ecological efficiency and sustainable develpment. This goal is currently realised through the research program „CFI – Climate Change, Financial Markets and Innovation“ ( and the platform "". The purpose of CFI is to develop and to coordinate the dialogue on research policy between the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the financial markets ("Climate Change Finance Forum") and other industries. This dialogue is a core contribution to the "High-Tech Strategy on Climate Protection" of the German Federal Government. It was launched by Federal Minister Dr. Annette Schavan along with representatives of the financial markets and the industry on the occasion of the 2nd German Climate Research Summit on October 16th, 2007 in Berlin.

In addition, the Sustainable Business Institute (SBI) works on a wide range of micro- and macroeconomic questions as well as ecological questions.

The Institute has an international network of partners and customers in Europe, North America and Asia. Among these are national and international governmental authorities and organisations, foundations as well as companies from the finacial sector and the real economy.

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