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Company mission

Sustainalytics is an independent and innovative provider of ‘Responsible Investment Services’. Our company is specialised in analysing and evaluating the sustainability performance of companies, institutions, and countries. We make use of the socalled ESG approach which includes Environmental, Social and Governance themes. Currently, over 200 institutional and retail investors use our services. Sustainalytics Research Services help implement and develop responsible and sustainable investment policies and asset management policies worldwide.

Legal form

GmbH (similar to Ltd.)


Since 2009, Sustainalytics GmbH is part of Sustainalytics BV, Netherlands. The Triodos Bank, Netherlands, is the majority shareholder of Sustainalytics BV.



Executive Board

Dr Hendrik Garz

Number/qualification of employees

Sustainalytics total (Europe, America, Asia): +120 employees
Various academic qualifications with main focus: cconomics and social sciences as well as natural sciences

Advisory Board/Council



Sustainalytics is a founding member of the ‘Panel for Sustainable Financial Investments’ (FNG - Forum für nachhaltige Geldanlagen).

Sustainalytics is a member of Eurosif, European Sustainable Investment Forum.

Sustainalytics is a signee of the PRI – Principles for Responsible Investment.

Sustainalytics is a founding member of AL CSRR (Association for Independent Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Research).

Until late 2008, the predecessor of Sustainalytics scoris was shareholder of the Sustainable Investment Research International Company Ltd. (SiRi) and exclusive partner of the SiRi Company network for the German and Austrian market.
The SiRi Company-Network has been dissolved amicably.


The Sustainalytics GmbH was founded in 2000 under the name of scoris GmbH as a joint venture between several leading European Sustainable Investment Research institutions and Axel Wilhelm. Since 2006, scoris is part of the Triodos Bank. In early 2007 the headquarter was relocated from Hannover to Frankfurt. Between 2000 and 2008 scoris was the representative of the SiRi Company-network for the German and Austrian market.

In early 2009 a merger with two European partners created the new Sustainable Rating Agency Sustainalytics. Sustainalytics Germany combines the extensive experience and expertise of the scoris GmbH with the competence and vigour of one of the leading European providers of information and consulting services in the area of sustainable investments. In August, 2009 merged Sustainalytics with the market-leading Canadian ESG Research provider Jantzi Research. The new enterprise operates worldwide under the name Sustainalytics, in North America as a Jantzi-Sustainalytics.


Sustainalytics' research on companies focuses on analysing the sustainability and governance performance of an organisation. Research is conducted and categorised by use of the themes Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG).

In which governance comprises corporate governance and business ethics, and social relates to the relationship of companies with their customers, suppliers, employees, as well as the society in general. The latter also includes community and philanthropic related activities. Within the theme of environment, Sustainalytics analyses companies in terms of the environmental impact of their operations, green procurement, and the integration of ecological aspects in their products and services. In addition, Sustainalytics monitors possible controversies that companies might be involved in and checks whether products or services of potential ethical concern are offered.


Our ESG research methodology for companies contains more than 100 indicators and above 250 data points per company. The majority of these indicators is sector specific. Thus it is possible to comprise the essential criteria for the sustainability performance of a company and a sector – the so-called Key Performance Indicators – and evaluate them.


The Sustainalytics platform allows for a detailed analysis of discrete titles and a comparison of the ESG performance of any number of companies. An individual adjustment of the weighting and evaluation methodology allows for a customised inclusion of client specific investment policies.

Quality Management

Our work is based on a tested and comprehensible research methodology and high quality standards that are implemented by well trained analysts. In the course of this research process our  sustainability analysts make use of a variety of sources, like company reports, company websites, media report databases or information provided by non-governmental organisations or governmental organisations. To guarantee the high product quality we engage in an active dialogue both with external experts and the analysed companies themselves. Sustainalytics has an internal quality management system in order to guarantee the consistency and quality of analyses.

Voluntary quality standard CSRR-QS
The Sustainalytics predecessors developed a voluntary quality standard in cooperation with further research rating agencies – the so-called Standard for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Research (CSRR). Through this quality standard, whose development was subsidised by the European Commission, independent research agencies commit to a transparent, comprehensible and documented sustainability research process. The first research agencies have already been certified according to the new standard, after going through a test run in 2009. (further information on After finishing the consolidation Sustainalytics aims for a certification in the medium term.

Products & services

Sustainalytics Platform
Online-access to company profiles and ratings

Investors can access Sustainalytics’ extensive company research through the Sustainalytics Platform. This online access system can be used for company assessments, engaging with companies, the screening of portfolios, selecting companies by use of best-in-class methodologies, compliance monitoring, and integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) information in investment decision-making.

Sustainalytics’ propriety platform contains detailed ESG information on approximately 3,500 of the largest listed companies worldwide. It covers major global share indices such as the MSCI World. There is an additional coverage of 150 non-listed companies for bond related investments. Examples of research and services that can be provided through the Sustainalytics Platform are:

  • Company profiles
  • Company ratings
  • Company comparison and benchmarking
  • Screening tools

Country research
Sustainalytics’ Country Research provides the investor with an assessment of a country's performance on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) related themes. These assessments can be used to apply responsible investment criteria to country bonds, or to identify countries of specific concern.

Global Compact Compliance Service
Sustainalytics offers a unique service to help investors identify companies that do not comply with minimum standards of business practice as codified by the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. The companies covered through this service include 3,500 multinational corporations, including the constituents of the MSCI Core Developed Index and the Developing Markets Index. Additionally, company research and full portfolio screens are conducted upon request.

Controversial Weapons Radar
The Controversial Weapons Radar provides investors with comprehensive and state-of-the-art research on the involvement of companies worldwide in six types of controversial weapons. The six types of weapons covered through the Controversial Weapons Radar are considered controversial because of the indiscriminate and disproportional humanitarian impact they have on civilian populations.

  • Anti-personnel mines
  • Biological and chemical weapons
  • Cluster weapons
  • Depleted uranium ammunition
  • Nuclear weapons

Corporate Governance Services
Sustainalytics provides a variety of corporate governance research, advisory, and administrative services to institutional investors. Sustainalytics provides these services in close cooperation with the European Corporate Governance Services (ECGS).

Sustainalytics can advise you and your organisation on the development of an individual responsible investment policy and how to implement such a policy.


Among the Europe-wide more than 200 clients of Sustainalytics are:

  • DB Advisors
  • DWS Investments
  • ING Investment Management
  • MeesPierson (Fortis Group)
  • OekoWorld SA Lux
  • PGGM
  • Triodos Bank und Triodos Investment Management
  • Umweltbank

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