MSCI ESG Research

Company mission

MSCI the world’s largest provider of comprehensive, integrated research and analysis across all three ESG pillars. Globally over 900 Clients with over $15 Trillion assets  under management subscribe to MSCI ESG Research, including 125+ Asset Owners with $4.4 trillion in assets.
MSCI ESG Research is founded on 40 years of combined experience in ESG through legacy firms KLD, Innovest, IRRC, and GMI Ratings. Relying on experienced leadership and over   markets regions.

Legal form

Listed company, Inc.


Due to its listing, the shares are traded daily. Approx. 10 % of the shareholders are senior managers and strategic institutional investors.



Executive Board

Number/qualification of employees

MSCI ESG Research Inc. occupies over 250 employees, over 150 are ESG Research analysts.

Advisory Board/Council

MSCI ESG Research consults to discuss feedback and trends from different industries every year with international ESG experts. The members (Thought Leaders Council) you will see des Thought Leaders Council here:


Eurosif, different local Sifs including (FNG – Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlage)


MSCI Inc. had been spun off from Morgan Stanley 2007.


MSCI ESG Rating covers more than 6,000 equity issuers and over 8,000 fixed income issuers. Assessment of controversies for over 8,500 companies.


All common exclusion criteria are covered.


Rating scale from AAA to CCC.

Quality Management

MSCI ESG Research is a registered investment advisor regulated and audited by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission).

Products & services

All services to support the integration of ESG into the investment process including: Screening, Ratings, Carbon Footprint / Data, Equity and Fixed Income Indexes


Over 900 clients globally e. g.: DeAWM, Allianz Investment Management, PIMCO, Metzler Asset Management, Berenberg Privatbank, Credit Suisse, CalPers, Morgan Stanley, Northern Trust, Church of England, Nordea


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