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Euronext Vigeo North-America 50

Index family

by sector (as of 29/05/2020)

Sectors Shares
Others50.00 %
Energy20.00 %
IT10.00 %
Pharma/Biotechnology10.00 %
Technology/Hardware10.00 %

by countries (as of 29/05/2020)

by Shares (as of 29/05/2020)

Company Country Sector
AES Corporation USA Utilities
Albemarle Corporation USA Chemicals
American Airlines Group Inc USA Consumer, cyclical
American Water Works USA Utilities
Amgen USA Healthcare
Applied Materials USA Technology
AT&T USA Telecommunications
Autodesk USA Technology

General remarks

The component announcement of the Euronext Vigeo Index is published every 6 months. SBI tracks the changes and updates the composition accordingly. Last update was May 03, 2021.