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Euronext Vigeo North-America 50

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by sector (as of 01/06/2018)

Sectors Shares
Others42.00 %
Technology/Hardware16.00 %
Energy16.00 %
Chemicals16.00 %
Software10.00 %

by countries (as of 01/06/2018)

by Shares (as of 01/06/2018)

Company Country Sector
Albemarle Corporation USA Chemicals
American Water Works USA Utilities
Analog Devices USA Technology
Applied Materials USA Technology
AT&T USA Telecommunications
Autodesk USA Technology
Avalonbay Communities USA Consumer, non-cyclical

General remarks

The component announcement of the Euronext Vigeo Index is published every 6 months. SBI tracks the changes and updates the composition accordingly. Last update was on August 6, 2018.