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DJSI North America Diversified


by sector (as of 30/11/2020)

Sectors Shares
IT25.20 %
Cyclical Consumer Goods16.70 %
Health12.00 %
Financials11.10 %
Telecom10.40 %
Industry8.30 %
Non-cyclical Consumer Goods6.00 %
Basic Materials 2.80 %
Utilities2.60 %
Real Estate2.50 %
Energy2.40 %

by countries (as of 30/11/2020)

by Shares (as of 30/11/2020)

Company Country Sector
Alphabet Inc USA Information Technology USA Consumer, cyclical

General remarks

The DJSI Diversified is checked up on composition halfyearly in March and September. SBI tracks the changes and updates the composition accordingly.Only information on the top ten companies is available. Last update was on Dec 17, 2020.