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WilderHill Clean Energy Index

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by sector (as of 27/04/2021)

Sectors Shares
Industry37.11 %
IT29.86 %
Basic Materials 10.51 %
Cyclical Consumer Goods10.07 %
Utilities9.43 %
Energy2.85 %
Items of capital expenditure0.16 %

by Shares (as of 27/04/2021)

Company Country Sector
Advanced Energies Industries Inc. USA Energy
Advent Software USA Financial Services
Air Products & Chemicals USA Basic Resources
Albemarle Corporation USA Chemicals
Ameresco USA Energy
American Superconductor USA Industrial Goods & Services
Azure Power Global Ltd India Energy

General remarks

The index is reviewed four times a year and reassessed in its composition. SBI monitors these changes contemporarily. The last time SBI updated the list on April 27, 2021. Currently there is no information on the country composition available.

The structure of an index can only be provided for single indices but not for index families.