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VBV-Österreichischer Nachhaltigkeitsindex (VÖNIX)

Index family

by sector (as of 04/12/2020)

Sectors Shares
Financials42.80 %
Industry18.40 %
Utilities12.90 %
Industrial Goods + Services11.90 %
Technology + Telecom10.30 %
Consumer Packaged Goods1.90 %

by countries (as of 05/12/2020)

by Shares (as of 04/12/2020)

Company Country Sector
Agrana Beteiligungs AG Austria Financial Services
AT&S Austria Technologie Systemtechnik Austria Industrial Goods & Services

General remarks

The index Vönix is updated once a year (mid-June) in its composition. SBI tracks these changes and updates the composition promptly. The last time SBI updated the list on December 6, 2020.

The structure of an index can only be provided for single indices but not for index families.