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ECPI Global Developed ESG best in class Equity Index

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by sector (as of 31/12/2020)

Sectors Shares
IT24.10 %
Financials12.90 %
Industry12.30 %
Non-cyclical Consumer Goods11.30 %
Health11.00 %
Telecom9.70 %
Cyclical Consumer Goods6.60 %
Basic Materials 4.50 %
Utilities2.80 %
Real Estate2.70 %
Energy2.20 %

by countries (as of 31/12/2021)

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Company Country Sector

 There is no compay under the sign A assigend to this index.
 284 companys assigned total.

General remarks

The component announcement of the ECPI Indices are published by ECPI. The SBI tracks the changes and updates the composition accordingly. Last update was on Febraury 24, 20, 2020.