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FTSE Environmental Opportunities Index Series


by sector (as of 29/05/2020)

Sectors Shares
Industry51.47 %
Basic Materials 12.52 %
Utilities12.36 %
Consumer Packaged Goods8.04 %
Health6.17 %
Services3.57 %
Technology3.08 %
Oil + Gas2.11 %
Financials0.70 %

by countries (as of 29/05/2020)

by Shares (as of 29/05/2020)

Company Country Sector
Air Liquide France Chemicals

General remarks

The components of the FTSE Environmental Opportunity Index Series are reviewed by FTSE Group every 6 months. SBI tracks the changes and updates the composition accordingly. Last update was on June 24, 2020. Currently, there is only top-10 information on the company composition available.