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The nx25 index is intended to be a benchmark for the economic success of companies that support ecological and social sustainability worldwide.

At the moment, the nx25 consists of 25 companies that are distributed according to country and sector in order to produce long-term benefits. At least 75% of the companies each generate more than 100 million US-Dollar turnovers. Up to 25% of the nx25 titles are small and medium-sized companies with high innovative potential that promote the development of ecologically innovative products.

The nx-25-Index advisory council consists of three members:
- Wolfgang Bauer (i.a. board of directors of Soleon Greentec Venture AG and supervisory board of Klimagut Immobilien AG),
- Ise Bosch (foundations expert, i.a. till end 2016 member of sustainability council of Concordia oeco Lebensversicherung AG) and
- Max Deml (editor Öko-Invest)

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Funds based on the index Natura Semper nx-25 Fund
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