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The JSE launched the SRI Index in South Africa in May 2004 to:

- identify those companies listed on the JSE that integrate the principles of the triple bottom line and good governance into their business activities;
- provide a tool for a broad holistic assessment of company policies and practices against globally aligned and locally relevant corporate responsibility standards;
- serve as a facilitation vehicle for responsible investment for investors looking for non-financial risk variables to include in investment decisions, as such risks do carry the potential to have significant financial impacts;
- contribute to the development of responsible business practice in South Africa and beyond.

Excluding criteria


Positive criteria

A company should continually seek to improve its environmental performance by:

- working to reduce and control its direct negative environmental impacts;
- promoting awareness of its significant direct and indirect impacts;
- working to use natural resources in a sustainable manner; and
- committing to risk reduction, reporting and auditing.

A company should demonstrate a commitment to social sustainability and good stakeholder relationships by:

- treating all stakeholders with dignity, fairness and respect, recognising their rights to life and security and free association, and their rights to freedom from discrimination;
- actively promoting the development and empowerment of its employees and the community;
- ensuring that core labour standards are met and good employee relations maintained; and working to promote the health and safety of its employees.

A company should:

- uphold and support good corporate governance practices as the foundation for its business policies and practices, through strategies to achieve and maintain internationally recognised corporate governance standards and implementing social and ethical practices;
- work towards long term growth and sustainability by assessing and managing the risks to sustaining its business while adapting to changing demands, trends and macro-economic driving forces;
- identify and manage the broader impact of the company within the company’s sphere of influence or where the company operates from a social, environmental, ethical and economic perspective, directly as well as indirectly.

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