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100 biggest and most liquid German values form the basis of the index-port folio of the DAXglobal® Sarasin Sustainability Germany to Free-Float - market capitalisation, for the DAXglobal® Sarasin Sustainability Switzerland these are 50 biggest and most liquid Swiss values. The choice of the values occurs in each case about the market capitalisation and the average everyday commercial volume. Every index title must show an average everyday commercial volume of 1 Mil. EUR about the last six months. Then these enterprises will represent from Sarasin according to the Sarasin Sustainability matrix® on her sustainability. The Deutsche-Börse AG is not on the basis of neutrality points of view in the index DAXglobal Sarasin Sustainability Germany. The weighting of the constitutions in the index is based on a same weighting. The new composition takes place in each case in the deadlines from the 31st July and 31st January. DAXglobal® Sarasin Sustainability Germany is calculated in euro. DAXglobal® Sarasin Sustainability Switzerland is calculated in euro and Swiss franc.

Sarasin Sustainability rating
Sarasin Sustainability basis of evaluation for the lastingness assessment of enterprise has developed Sarasin a two-dimensional sustainability rating, consisting of:

Branch rating: Comparative assessment of the branches on the basis of well-chosen environmental criteria and social criteria. With the branch rating every branch is judged with regard to the chances linked with her and risks for the environment and the social. Besides, for the assessment decisively is her respective environmental relevance (e.g., Airlines are big energy consumers, finance service providers rather small) and social relevance (e.g., the health damages of tobacco).

Enterprise rating: Comparative environmental assessment and social assessment of the enterprises within a branch. The assessment occurs with the help of a grid uniform for all branches of environmental criteria and social criteria. The weighting and the choice of detailed criteria are specific for branches. For the enterprise rating it is examined how every single enterprise handles with the respective branch chances and branch risks.

The sustainable rating decides on the investability of an enterprise in sustainable funds and portfolios: It is invested only in such titles which reach a sufficient rating in the Sarasin Sustainability matrix® to position themselves in the hatched investment universe. Ecological investigation areas are - based on the life cycle beginning - production payments in advance, production / processes, products and services as well as environmental strategy /-politic and environmental management system. Social investigation areas are - based on the claim groups beginning - the respect of an enterprise with suppliers, sponsors, general public, employees, customers and competitors.

Excluding criteria

Enterprises are excluded that gain more than 5% of the turnover with activities in the following areas: Nuclear energy, armament goods, chlorine chemicals and agrochemicals, tobacco products, in the agriculture used genetic engineering, pornography.

Positive criteria

With the branch rating: Resource consumption, issues, centralisation degree, load of the social stability as well as interference of individual values and rights.
With the enterprise rating: Ecological investigation area: Energy intensity, material intensity, Toxicity, Revaluation, application of renewable resources, durability and service interest.
Social investigation area health, participation, affluent distribution and knowledge.

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