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ÖkoDAX aims to portray the value development of the ten most liquid enterprises from the Prime IG Renewable Energy Index1 which represents the industrial area of the renewable energy to explain. Therefore, ÖkoDAX shows a choice index of the German stock exchange.

The enterprises are selected from the industrial group of the renewable energy according to the highest market capitalisation and weighted equally in the index portfolio. Should an enterprise stop fulfilling the necessary conditions for remaining in ÖkoDAX, a successor with the following highest market capitalisation with the weight of the leaving index constituents is taken up in the ÖkoDAX.

The concatenation and the adaptation of the composition of the index constituents take place every three months on the third Friday of the March, June, September and December.

The base of ÖkoDAX amounts to 100 and refers to the base date 21st March, 2003. The index history for ÖkoDAX goes back up to the base date on the 21st March, 2003. ÖkoDAX is calculated as a course and Peformanceindex all 60 seconds from 9:00 o'clock to 17:45 o'clock on the basis of Xetra ® to prices.

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