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The HVB Nachhaltigkeits-Index returns the course yield of sixteen biggest and most liquid enterprises with the highest dividend yield from an investment universe which is determined by the index Advisor oekom research AG after ethical, social and ecological aspects.

Excluding criteria

Enterprises may not be involved in the following activities:
- Production of alcohol
- nuclear energy
- embryo research
- gambling
- green genetic engineering
- pornography
- armament
- tobacco
- offence against labour legislation and human rights
- child labor
- bioassays
- controversial economic methods

Positive criteria

The HVB Nachhaltigkeits-Index is based on the strict guidelines of the investment universe from oekom research AG. These are based on the worldwide most comprehensive criterion collection for the ethical assessment of enterprise (Frankfurt-Hohenheimer guide: developed with the theological and economic-scientific faculty of the universities of Frankfurt and high home). The guidelines value the responsibility of the enterprise towards:

- the natural environment (physical compatibility)
- the person affected by the enterprise activities (social compatibility)
- of the society and the cultures (cultural compatibility)

Best-in-class: I.e. Must undertake within her branches to the best in the matter of environment and social belong (Corporate Responsibility rating)

Investigation criteria Corporate Responsibility rating:

- Environmental Rating

Environmental management:
Enterprise example and enterprise purposes, program, ecological balance, Controlling, Reporting, cooperations, office ecology, procurement

Ecological product development and service development:
Longevity, consumption reduction and issue reduction, avoidance of materials injurious to environment, ecological optimisation of services

ecological efficiency:
Energy consumption, water consumption, Waste amount, waste composition, pollutants in the sewage, issues in exhaust air

- Social Cultural Rating

Enterprise example and enterprise purposes, audits, Reporting, co-determination

relations with employees:
Working hours, remuneration, workplace security, health and security in the workplace, equal opportunities

relations with external claim groups:
Supplier, customers, product responsibility, Corporate Governance, state and community, social standards abroad, corruption, cartel offence

Research done by

oekom research AG

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Finance-/tech. - support by HVB AG, Markets & Investment Banking
Benchmark DJ Euro Stoxx 50 (Preis-) Index
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