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FTSE4GOOD is a series of benchmark and tradable financial indices, designed to identify companies that meet globally recognised corporate responsibility (CSR) standards. Revenues of the license as well as other revenues related to the FTSE4GOOD are contributed to UNICEF.

Excluding criteria

- Manufacturing of tobacco products;
- Companies providing strategic parts or services for or manufacturing whole nuclear weapons systems;
- Manufacturers of whole weapons systems;
- Owners or operators of nuclear power stations and those mining or producing uranium.

Positive criteria

The inclusion criteria for the FTSE4GOOD Index Series originate from globally recognised codes of conduct such as the UN Global Compact and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Companies in the index have to meet prescribed standards in the following areas:

- environmental sustainability;
- developing positive relations with stakeholders;
- up-holding and supporting universal human rights.

In order that the criteria reflect global CSR standards that are continually evolving, the criteria are revised regularly, challenging companies to continually raise their standards to keep apace.

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