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Solactive Oekom Ethical Low Volatility Index

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The ESG Research Provider, Oekom Research AG, sends a selection universe consisting of European companies screened for a number of ESG constraints on a quarterly basis. The companies in the selection universe need to be certified with the Oekom “Prime”. The companies in the selection universe are further screened for Controversial Business Areas and Controversial Business Practices and removed from the pool, if they violate either of the exclusion criteria. After screening for certain liquidity criteria, of the remaining stock universe, the 30 companies with lowest historical volatility are chosen as final index components.
The Index is rebalanced quarterly.

Excluding criteria

Companies that show exposure to major involvement in e.g. Weapons, Tobacco, Nuclear, animal testing or embryonic research are excluded from the universe. Further information about the exclusion criteria can be found within the index guidelines.

Positive criteria


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Solactive AG und/and Oekom Research AG im Bereich/in the space of ESG

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