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Ardour Global Alternative Energy Index Europe

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The Ardour Global Index (Composite) is a capitalization weighted, float adjusted equity index designed to serve as an equity benchmark for globally traded companies which are principally engaged in the field of Alternative Energy Technologies, including renewable energy, alternative fuels and related enabling technologies. Various sub-indexes are calculated based on the composite, including regional and Extra Liquid series.

Excluding criteria


Positive criteria

• Constituents Must Be Principally Engaged in the Technology Industry
• Listed on Recognized Exchange
• Minimum Capitalization Adjusted for Free Float Greater Than USD 50 Million
• Minimum Average Daily Trading Volume Greater Than 1 Million USD

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Ardour Global Indexes, LLC

Funds based on the index Market Vectors Global Alternative Energy ETF / Ardour Global Alternative Energy Portfolio
Finance-/tech. - support by S-Network Global Indexes, LLC
Benchmark Ardour Global Indexes, LLC
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