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The EURO iSTOXX® 50 SD-KPI index aims to closely track the EURO STOXX 50®, but with a slightly over- and under-weighting of the index components based on three Sustainable Development Key Performance Indicators (SD-KPIs).
For each sector of the index three SD-KPIs were identified as the most important factors influencing the expected business and the performance of the companies in this sector. All the companies in the index are then evaluated with respect to these, and converted into a total score for each company. Based on these numbers, companies are re-weighted.

Three SD-KPIs are used which are important and material, namely environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators for business performance in different sectors. SD-KPI Standards have been developed by SD-M® GmbH in cooperation with the German Environment Ministry and global investors and analysts, who manage 2 trillion euros in assets.

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Companies must be included in the Europe Stoxx 50.

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Stoxx Limited, SD-M GmbH, sustainalytics

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