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DJSI Diversified Family


The companies sustainable prifiles are analyzed using RobeccoSAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) methodology. The CSA was developed in 1999 and used as the basis the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Excluding criteria

Excluding criteria are only considered in the specialized indexes. These exclude companies which are active in certain countries or markets e.g. Korea, developing markets etc.

Positive criteria

The world’s largest 2,500 publicly traded companies are invited to participate in RobecoSAM’s CSA for possible inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World), there are analyzed using industry-specific questionnaires.
Companies are evaluated based on a range of financially relevant sustainability criteria and are ranked against other companies in their industry.
The top 10% of companies within each industry are selected for inclusion in the DJSI World.

Research done by

RobecoSAM AG; Dow Jones & Company

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