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Ardour Global Solar Energy

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Comprised of Companies Engaged in Three Primary Solar Energy Sectors
•Solar Thermal
•Solar Lighting

All companies contained in the SOLrX are categorized as being “principally” engaged in the solar energy industry. For the purposes of the SOLrX, a principally engaged company must derive 66% or more of its annual revenues from its participation in the solar energy sector. On a weighted basis, the index derives well in excess of 90% of its revenues from the solar industry.
SOLR X contains 27 stocks selected from a universe of equity securities traded on recognized stock exchanges in a) the Americas, b) Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), and c) Asia/Pacific, based on a set of objective screening criteria. The selection criteria include requirements for industry participation, primary exchange listing, minimum capitalization ( uSD 100 million), minimum free float ( uSd50 million) and minimum average daily trading volume ( uSd1 million).

Excluding criteria


Positive criteria

Constituents Must Be Principally Engaged in the Solar Energy Industry

• Constituents Must Be Principally Engaged in the Technology Industry
• Listed on Recognized Exchange
• Minimum Capitalization Adjusted for Free Float Greater Than USD 50 Million
• Minimum Average Daily Trading Volume Greater Than 1 Million USD

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