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The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) family is derived from and fully integrated with the Dow Jones Global Indexes.
The Dow Jones Sustainability Canada Select 25 Index (DJSI Canada Select 25) was established to track the performance of the top 25 of the biggest Canadian companies which lead their field in terms of corporate sustainability. Through a best-in-class approach, SAM aims to identify these sustainability leaders on the basis of general as well as industry specific criteria. Companies meeting the sustainability criteria must also pass eligibility screens for size and liquidity, and are selected to the index based on rankings by float-adjusted market capitalization. Restrictions are placed on the number of components that can be selected from any single Supersector. The index provider believes that corporate sustainability increases shareholder value in the long run.

Excluding criteria

Excluding criteria are only considered in the specialized indexes. These exclude companies which are active in certain industries e.g. alcohol, tobacco, gambling, firearms & armements and adult entertainment.

Positive criteria

The company selection process for the indexes is done based on a corporate sustainability assessment and is carried out by SAM. According to SAM this assessment allows the calculation of a sustainability performance key-figure for each company. The sustainability performance reflects the company's ability to create economic, social and ecological added value and is the result of a process to analyze and assess sustainability. The figure is calculated for every company within the investment universe of the DJSI World. The Corporate Sustainability Assessment can be divided into three levels:

- Questionnaire
- Quality of publicly accessible documents
- Verification

The criteria for the sustainability assessment of a company cover for example the following areas:

- strategic planning
- organizational learning
- environmental performance
- external stakeholders
- corporate governance

The sustainability performance key-figure of a company is calculated using SAM Information Management System (SIMS)The answers to the questionnaire along with the results of the quality of the publicly accessible information and the verification factor are evaluated along well defined rating and weighting parameters. The result, the so called Corporate Sustainability Score, is the key-figure for the company's sustainability performance. It can be corrected at any time should a test reveal any engagement into critical activities.

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