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Principles The UBAI demonstrates the development of the German Environmental Stocks Market. According to the Umweltbank it currently contains 18 listed German stocks specialised in ecology and sustainable management. The UBAI can be used to compare the performance of environmental stocks to other indices like e.g. the DAX (Deutscher Aktien Index-German Stock Index). UBAI was launched on 30.September 2002 at a level of 1000. The weighting of individual stocks is based on market value or free float. The maximum share of a single stock is limited to 10%. In contrast to the worldwide NAI (Natur Aktien Index-Nature Stock Index) which lists 25 stocks the UBAI is not limited to any number of German environmental stocks.

Excluding criteria

Excluded are companies investing in large scale power plants or arms, armament. Also companies producing or trading environmentally harmful products or technologies. Additionally companies are not listed which do not comply with environmental standards or are not managed in a social way.

Positive criteria

All companies accepted to the UmweltBank-AktienIndex UBAI have to meet the same ethical and ecological standards valid for the Umweltbank`s business activities. Companies from the renewable energies industry fulfil these requirements. The wind and solar industry are dominating the UBAI due to the industries specifics.

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