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The FTSE Environmental Technology Index Series measures the performance of companies globally whose core business is in the development and deployment of environmental technologies, including renewable & alternative energy, energy efficiency, water technology and waste & pollution control.
Forming part of the overall FTSE Environmental Markets Index Series, the FTSE Environmental Technology Index Series requires companies to have at least 50% of their business derived from environmental markets and technologies (as opposed to at least 20% for the FTSE Environmental Opportunities Index Series).
The FTSE Environmental Markets Index Series has been developed in collaboration with Impax Asset Management and under the direction of the independent FTSE Environmental Technology Committee, further enhancing FTSE’s suite of Responsible Investment indices and providing investors with a robust set of responsible investment tools.

The headline index within the FTSE Environmental Index Series is: FTSE ET50 Index.

Comprises the 50 largest pure play environmental technology companies, by full market capitalisation, globally. Previously known as the Impax Environmental Technology (ET50) Index, calculated by Impax Asset Management, the index is designed to measure the performance of companies that have a core business in the development and operation of environmental technologies.

Excluding criteria


Positive criteria

- Alternative Energy & Energy Efficiency e.g. wind turbine and solar manufacturers;
- Water Technologies & Pollution Control e.g. filtration, purification & separation technology companies;
- Waste Technologies & Resource Management e.g. production using recycled material

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