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Calvert US Large Cap Core Responsible Index (formerly Calvert Social Index)

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Calvert Responsible Index


The Calvert Social Index aims at describing the development of US companies (NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX) who are acting socially responsible in an outstanding way. The index is based on the 1000 largest US-companies (as of May of each year) weighted by market capitalisation. It is reconstituted in September of each year. The Index is also reviewed quarterly to adjust for social criteria, sector weightings against the 40% limitation on exposure to any one sector, share adjustments, etc.

Excluding criteria

- Alcohol
- Gambling
- Tobacco
- Firearms and Weapons
- Nuclear Energy

Positive criteria

In order to be listed on the Calvert Social Index the companies have to meet the specific criteria in the following areas:

- Workplace
- Environment
- Product safety and impact
- International operations and human rights
- Indigenous people's rights
- Community Relations

Research done by

Calvert Social Research Department

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