The index database contains profiles of approx. 40 sustainability indexes (or index families) of different index providers.

The Sustainable Business Institute (SBI) updates the indexes on a continuous basis. The last update is stated on the respective profiles.

The indexes differ significantly regarding the dimensions (environmental, social, governance) they consider when selecting the stocks: some are related to industries or are thematically focused, while others describe themselves as best-in-class cross-industry indexes.

Furthermore, the indexes differ regarding regional focus. In addition to globally-oriented indexes, indexes with a regional or national focus can also be found.

The indexes also differ regarding size: some comprise several hundred stocks, while others contain less than 100. The current list of stocks included can be found in the section "index structure". More than 4,300 stocks are recorded. 

The providers of the indexes focused on sustainability include, on one hand, the providers of well-known, conventional indexes; but also thematically specialised providers and consortia of different partners.

For example, for the following index families you will also find the respective individual indexes:
DAXglobal Sarasin Sustainability, DJSI North America, DJSI World, ECPI Ethical Indexes, Ethibel ESI Indexes, FTSE Environmental Markets Index Series, FTSE4GOOD Index Series, HSBC Global Climate Change Benchmark Index, STOXX Europe Sustainability