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Last update on: 28/10/2021

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Vontobel Fonds Services AG
Vontobel Fonds Services AG, Zürich
Asset Manager
Bank Vontobel AG, Zürich

Fund data (Equity Fund)

Fund size

(as of 30/09/2021)

175.67 mil. CHF
Share class size

(as of 30/09/2021)

124.78 mil. CHF
ISIN CH0011981005
Fund price (as of 28/10/2021)
Offer 122.71 CHF
Bid 122.71 CHF

Growth (as of 28/10/2021) *

10 Years 169.00 %
5 Years 54.03 %
3 Years 46.27 %
1 Year 34.17 %
Current year 23.34 %
Benchmark MSCI World ex. Switzerland Index-TRI

* in Euro (€)

Master data of Funds
Launch date 08/06/2001
Available in CH
Fund type Equity Fund
Kind of fund Sustainability and ethical funds / Sustainability-/ Ethical fund
Aim of investment Long-term capital growth through global investments in shares of companies that abide by sustainability criteria.
Investment strategy Worldwide investment in stocks or similar securities which have to undergo a strict selection process according to ecological and ethical criteria. Their business and profit forecast should be good to above average.
Investment process The investment universe is screened amd determined by the agency Inrate using a multi-stage analysis process, that is being defined and adjusted periodically by Inrate. Companies are assessed about their environmental, social and ethical standards.
Eco-rating: CO2 intensity of products & services, other environmental impacts over the entire life cycle, ecological product development, ecological characteristics of the products, environmental guidelines, environmental management system, sustainable procurement, energy and water consumption, emissions in air, land and water, waste & recycling.
Social Rating: working conditions (personal mission statement, health & safety, training & further education, freedom of organisation & codetermination, equal opportunities, social standards in procurement), corporate governance (transparency in sustainability reporting, board composition, transparency regarding the remuneration of the board & CEO), society (human rights, effects of the products on consumers and third parties, and charitable activities, ethical code of conduct)
Ethical assessment: exclusion criteria (see below).
The comparison of the issuer is made using the approach "best in service". Companies that meet the same needs are compared with one another within one service sector. The assessment is carried out separately in both social & eco rating.
For a positive rating and inclusion in the investment universe one of the two ratings must be at least average and one must be a minimum of 5% above average of that service sector.
Furthermore these companies may not violate the exclusion criteria. An independent professional board examines and supports the methodology and makes the final decision on the inclusion of a title. The ratings are updated annually. The management uses only titles with a positive sustainability rating issued by Inrate, which is re-examined annually by internal and external auditors.
Positive criteria n.s.
Negative criteria for stocks and corporate bonds Governance:
- corruption and bribery
- violations of OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises*
- violations of the UN Global Compact*

Ethical and Social:
- alcohol/spirits
- exploitative child labour
- banned weapons
- gambling
- child labour
- weapons of mass destruction (ABC/CBRN)
- pornography
- cluster bombs and anti-personnel mines
- tobacco products
- violations of human rights
- violations of the ILO protocol*
- violations of democratic and political basic rights
- violations of social law and/or consumer protection law
- weapons/armaments
- forced labour

- genetic engineering in agriculture
- gene technology
- genetic engineering (agriculture)
- nuclear power
- nuclear energy (operation or component manufacture)

- money laundering
- controversial business practices
- violation of laws or prosecution regarding relevant ESG criteria
- Systematic lobbying towards public institutions to reduce environmental, health and social standards
- environmentally harmful conduct
- support of repressive regimes
- Insufficient compensation for the indigenous population/biopiracy
- violations of security and health regulations
- violations of antitrust-law

Negative criteria for government bonds Ethical and Social:
- death penalty
- dependent countries, according to Freedom House
- violations of human rights (countries)
- violations of Non-Proliferation Treaty of Nuclear Weapons (countries)
- violations of the Geneva Convention
- violations of non-proliferation treaties of non-nuclear weapons (countries)

- corruption
- support of repressive regimes

Research done by Inrate AG

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*no exclusion but part of the analysis