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Last update on: 28/10/2021

Vontobel Fund - Global Clean Technology A EUR

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Vontobel Asset Management AG
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Vontobel Asset Management AG

Fund data (Equity Fund)

Fund size

(as of 30/09/2021)

1,560.50 mil. EUR
Share class size

(as of 30/09/2021)

169.13 mil. EUR
ISIN LU0384405519
Fund price (as of 28/10/2021)
Offer 540.30 EUR
Bid 540.30 EUR

Growth (as of 28/10/2021) *

10 Years 297.00 %
5 Years 105.13 %
3 Years 101.07 %
1 Year 38.00 %
Current year 20.38 %
Benchmark n.s.

* in Euro (€)

Master data of Funds
Launch date 17/11/2008
Available in AT, CH, DE, FR, GB, IT, LI, LU, NL, PT, SE, SG
Fund type Equity Fund
Kind of fund Sustainable issues Fund / Climate-/ Environmental Technology fund
Aim of investment n.s.
Investment strategy The title selection process is based on a solid bottom-up-analysis. Companies with a large turnover growth or large returns on the invested capital are thus identified.
Investment process 1. Lifecycle+Management (Waste management and recycling):
The key element in this regard is an improved product lifecycle concept, which considers disposal already in the stage of product design, as well as waste management and recycling which resupply the value chain with resources.

2. Innovative industrial companies: efficient industries play a major role on the path to an environmental friendly world, because they can improve their efficiency, i.e. the input-output ratio of a process. Clean and efficient production processes lead to a reduced energy and resource usage and at the same time increase the production output to keep up with the growing demand.

3. Low energy+house building: Houses and flats account for the largest part of water and energy consumption worldwide. The companies in the fund all offer technologies and materials that reduce the environmental effects of a house during its lifecycle. This starts with the location decision and includes the design, material selection, building, maintenance as well as demolition. The goal is a zero energy house.

4. Transport and logistics with low pollutant emission: The sectors of transport and logistics are also responsible for a large part of worldwide emissions and pollution. The companies in the fund offer innovative solutions and technologies that connect a globalised and increasingly overlapping world by means of improved logistics as well as time and resource saving transportation with low pollutant emissions.

5. Clean water and energy: Clean water and clean energy also significantly help reduce the negative effects of human interventions in the environment. The focus is not on a reduction of resource usage but rather on the reduction of emissions and pollution as well as purification technologies.
Positive criteria LifecycleManagement (Wastemanagement und Recycling); Innovative Industry; Low Energy & residental construction; Low Emmission Tranport and Logistik; Clean Water and Energy
Negative criteria for stocks and corporate bonds Ethical and Social:
- alcohol/spirits*
- exploitative child labour*
- gambling*
- weapons of mass destruction (ABC/CBRN)*
- pornography*
- cluster bombs and anti-personnel mines*
- tobacco products*
- violations of human rights*
- weapons/armaments

- chlorine or agrochemicals (e.g. biocides)*
- fossil fuels*
- genetic engineering (agriculture)*
- nuclear energy (operation or component manufacture)
- coal

- environmentally harmful conduct*

Negative criteria for government bonds n.s.
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*no exclusion but part of the analysis