FUNDS - iShares Global Clean Energy UCITS ETF
Last update on: 17/09/2018

iShares Global Clean Energy UCITS ETF

Investment Trusts
Barclays Global Investors
Asset Manager
BlackRock Investment Management, LCC

Fund data (Exchange traded funds (ETF))

Fund size

(as of 31/08/2018)

97.51 mil. USD
Share class size

(as of 31/08/2018)

97.51 mil. USD
Fund price (as of 17/09/2018)
Offer 4.24 EUR
Bid 4.23 EUR

Growth (as of 17/09/2018) *

10 Years -65.00 %
5 Years 14.03 %
3 Years -7.03 %
1 Year -3.24 %
Current year -4.83 %
Benchmark S&P Global Clean Energy Index

* in Euro (€)

Master data of Funds
Launch date 09/07/2007
Available in AT. BE, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, IE, IT, LU, NL, NO, PO, SE
Fund type Exchange traded funds (ETF)
Kind of fund Sustainable issues Fund / Climate-/ Environmental Technology fund
Aim of investment The purpose of the fund is the achievement of a whole yield for the investors from capital value and yield according to the yield of the S&P Global Clean Energy Index.
Investment strategy To reach this investment purpose, the fund aims at a simulation of the authoritative index, while he invests in a security port folio which consists of the securities which form the S&P Global Clean Energy Index. The fund can put in up to 20% of the net property in shares of the same emitter to copy the authoritative index. This border can be raised on 35% for a single emitter, provided that this is justified by unusual market terms.
Investment process The iShares S&P Global Clean Energyillustrates approx. 30 of the biggest listed enterprises of the world which are involved in the production of clean forms of energy or the manufacturing of arrangements and technology in this area.
Positive criteria n.s.
Negative criteria for stocks and corporate bonds n.s.
Negative criteria for government bonds n.s.
Research done by n.a.

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