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Last update on: 28/10/2021

Frankfurter Stiftungsfonds

Investment Trusts
Axxion S.A.
Asset Manager
Axxion S.A.

Fund data (Balanced Fund)

Fund size

(as of 30/09/2021)

21.88 mil. EUR
Share class size

(as of 30/09/2021)

12.93 mil. EUR
Fund price (as of 28/10/2021)
Offer 98.70 EUR
Bid 94.00 EUR

Growth (as of 28/10/2021) *

10 Years n.s.
5 Years n.s.
3 Years 10.46 %
1 Year 19.05 %
Current year 11.00 %
Benchmark Euribor 3 Month EUR

* in Euro (€)

Master data of Funds
Launch date 01/09/2017
Available in AT, DE
Fund type Balanced Fund
Kind of fund Sustainability and ethical funds / Sustainability-/ Ethical fund
Aim of investment n.s.
Investment strategy n.s.
Investment process n.s.
Positive criteria n.s.
Negative criteria for stocks and corporate bonds Ethical and Social:
- alcohol
- banned weapons
- gambling
- pornography
- tobacco products
- violations of employment law
- weapons/armaments

- nuclear power

- corruption
- environmentally harmful conduct

Negative criteria for government bonds n.s.
Research done by Sustainalytics

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*no exclusion but part of the analysis