FUNDS - Nordea 1 - Emerging Stars Equity Fund
Last update on: 29/10/2021

Nordea 1 - Emerging Stars Equity Fund

Investment Trusts
Nordea Investment Funds S.A.
Asset Manager
Nordea Investment Funds S.A.

Fund data (Equity Fund)

Fund size

(as of 30/09/2021)

6,316.79 mil. USD
Share class size

(as of 30/09/2021)

103.83 mil. USD
ISIN LU0602539602
Fund price (as of 29/10/2021)
Offer n.s.
Bid 189.29 US-Dollar

Growth (as of 29/10/2021) *

10 Years 164.00 %
5 Years 76.29 %
3 Years 75.52 %
1 Year 14.34 %
Current year 1.95 %
Benchmark MSCI EM NR USD

* in Euro (€)

Master data of Funds
Launch date 15/04/2011
Available in AT, BE, CH, DE, EE, ES, FR, GB, IT, LT, LU, LV, NL, NO, PO, SE
Fund type Equity Fund
Kind of fund Sustainability and ethical funds / Sustainability-/ Ethical fund
Aim of investment The Fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth, assuming that companies from emerging markets have great growth potential.
Investment strategy Nordea would like to generate in a responsible manner revenues, based on the fundamental belief of the fund management team: "The next generation of industry-leading companies in the emerging markets are those companies that will comprise potential to meet the challenges of the new mega-trends in a sustainable manner, and benefit - these will be the winners of tomorrow."
The Fund invests internationally. Least 2/3 of the fund assets flows in securities of companies having their registered office in an emerging economy or mainly are active in emerging markets.
Investment process The investment process of the Nordea 1 - Emerging Stars Equity Fund combines the ESG factors at the enterprise level with traditional fundamental valuation factors.
Overall, there are thus six factors, all of which must be positive, so that the company will be included in the Fund's portfolio:
Assessment, management, critical success factors at the enterprise level, social responsibility, strategy, theme and the environment.
The representation of the six factors in two superimposed triangles is a star-shaped graph from the fund name "Star" is derived.
Positive criteria Assessment; Management; Critical success factors at the enterprise level; Social Responsibility; Theme and Strategy; Environment
Negative criteria for stocks and corporate bonds Ethical and Social:
- alcohol
- gambling
- pornography
- tobacco
- weapons/armaments

Negative criteria for government bonds n.s.
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*no exclusion but part of the analysis