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Last update on: 29/10/2021

DEKA-Nachhaltigkeit Aktien

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Deka International S.A.
Deka International S.A.
Asset Manager
Deka Investment GmbH

Fund data (Equity Fund)

Fund size

(as of 29/03/2019)

182.22 mil. EUR
Share class size

(as of 30/09/2021)

823.10 mil. EUR
ISIN LU0703710904
Fund price (as of 29/10/2021)
Offer 269.12 EUR
Bid 259.39 EUR

Growth (as of 29/10/2021) *

10 Years n.s.
5 Years 79.82 %
3 Years 63.32 %
1 Year 35.01 %
Current year 19.81 %
Benchmark none

* in Euro (€)

Master data of Funds
Launch date 28/12/2011
Available in DE, LU
Fund type Equity Fund
Kind of fund Sustainability and ethical funds / Sustainability-/ Ethical fund
Aim of investment The portfolio strategy goal of this investment fond is to achieve a middle to long term capital growth by using chances and avoiding risks which arise by economical, ecological and social development.
Investment strategy The investment fond only invests in derivates selected by the principals of sustainability. Therefore worldwide shares are evaluated by criteria like environmental management, social responsibility and corporate governance. As a result the shares are integrated in, or excluded of the investible universe.
Besides in shares the investmend fond also might invest in money market instruments, with the share quota being at least 61%. The fond management of the "Deka-Nachhaltigkeit Aktien Fond" is consulted by an investment advisory committee established for the special estate.
Investment process The investible universe for the "Deka-Nachhaltigkeit Aktien" is defined in cooperation with the extern partners "Imug" and "EIRIS". During a strict analytic process sustainable operating companies are chosen (Best-In-Class-Ansatz). Companies being active in the sector nuclear power, dangerous chemicals, gambling, armor/wepons, or tobacco are totally excluded.
Companies in the enclosure have to go through detailed financial analyses (financial indicators, market position, and corporate strategy). During this, the companies have to receive good evaluations according their sustainable activities.
In the centre of the investment process is thereby a research based one title selection, which in particular concentrates on the sustainability of the Cash Flow and the corporate solidly facing the Business plan, Balances as well as investments.
Besides the financial analyses is also the direct and regular contact to decision makers of the potential companies important, to estimate the prospects of the company with these first hand information.
Positive criteria environmental management, social responsibility, corporate governance
Negative criteria for stocks and corporate bonds Governance:
- corruption and bribery
- violations of the UN Global Compact

Ethical and Social:
- abortion
- alcohol/spirits
- exploitative child labour
- banned weapons
- gambling
- child labour
- weapons of mass destruction (ABC/CBRN)
- pornography
- cluster bombs and anti-personnel mines
- tobacco products
- animal experimentation*
- violations of human rights
- violations of the ILO protocol
- violations of democratic and political basic rights
- weapons/armaments

- chlorine or agrochemicals (e.g. biocides)*
- dangerous chemicals
- genetic engineering (agriculture)
- nuclear power
- nuclear energy (operation or component manufacture)

- controversial business practices
- environmentally harmful conduct

Negative criteria for government bonds Ethical and Social:
- child labour (countries)
- death penalty
- dependent countries, according to Freedom House
- violations of human rights (countries)
- violations of employment law
- violations of Non-Proliferation Treaty of Nuclear Weapons (countries)

Research done by Imug / EIRIS

This fund profile is aligned with the fund company.



*no exclusion but part of the analysis