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German Sustainability Code

The company signed the German Sustainability Code.

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This share is Holding of at least one European Sustainable Fund.

Is top-investment in following funds:

Fund name Listed in Share
Deka Oekom Euro Nachhaltigkeit UCITS ETF DE 6.63 %
UBS ETF (LU) MSCI Europe & Middle East Socially Responsible A AT, CH, DE, ES, FR, IT, LI, LU, NL, SE, UK 4.92 %
AXA WF Framlington Eurozone RI AT, BE, DK, FR, DE, IT, LU, NL, ES, CH, SE 4.30 %
iShares Dow Jones Eurozone Sustainability Screened (DE) DE, AT 4.23 %
Candriam Equities L Sustainable EMU (Dexia) AT, FI, FR, DE, IR, IT, LU, NL, NO, PT, ES, SE, CH 3.71 %
LBBW Global Warming DE 3.58 %
Multi Structure Fund - Investtor SRI Global - A LU, DE 3.49 %
iShares MSCI Europe SRI UCITS ETF AT, DE, DK, FI, FR, UK, IT, LU, NL, SE, NO 3.46 %
Allianz Global Sustainability - A - USD DE, GR, UK, HK, IE, IS, LU, MC, NL, PT, SE, SG, ES, TW, HU, AT 3.23 %
Allianz Global Sustainability - A - EUR DE, GR, UK, HK, IE, IS, LU, MC, NL, PT, SE, SG, ES, TW, HU, AT 3.23 %
RobecoSAM Sustainable European Equities Fund BE, CL, DE, FI, FR, UK, IE, IT, LU, NL, AT, CH, ES, PE 3.21 %
Bethmann Aktien Nachhaltigkeit DE 3.15 %
Warburg - Zukunft - Strategiefonds DE 3.06 %
DKB Zukunftsfonds LU, DE 2.95 %
Gutmann Aktien Nachhaltigkeitsfonds (T) AT 2.86 %
Euro Capital Durable FR, ES, CH, IT 2.65 %
SEB Ethical Europe Fund LU, SE, DE, FI, LT, EE, LV 2.50 %
JSS OekoFlex (EUR) (former Sarasin) LU, CH, DE 2.50 %
Postbank Dynamik Vision DE, LU 2.44 %
Pictet-European Sustainable Equities-P EUR AT, BE, CH, CL, DE, ES, FI, FR, UK, GR, HK, IT, LI, LU, MO, NL, PT, SE, SG 2.42 %
Erste Responsible Stock Europe AT, DE 2.32 %
Swisscanto (CH) Anlagezielfonds Nachhaltigkeit Zinsertrag (former ZKB) CH 2.31 %
Multipartner SICAV - RobecoSAM Global Child Impact Equities (UCITS) AT, BE, CH, DE, ES, FR, IE, IT, LU, NL, SE 2.27 %
Metzler European Dividend Sustainability - Class A DE, FR, LU, AT, CH, ES 2.25 %
Bethmann Nachhaltigkeit DE 2.20 %
KEPLER Ethik Aktienfonds A DE, AT 2.16 %
Amundi P.S.K. ├ľko Sozial Stock - A AT 2.12 %
Multipartner SICAV - RobecoSAM Global Gender Equality Impact Equities (UCITS) AT, BE, CH, DE, ES, FR, IE, IT, LU, NL, SE 2.11 %
Swisscanto Swiss Red Cross Charity Fund CH 2.03 %
BfS Nachhaltigkeitsfonds Ertrag DE 1.88 %
Commerzbank Globale Aktien - Katholische Werte R DE, LU 1.58 %
H & A PRIME VALUES Growth AT, CH, DE 1.49 %
S EthikAktien AT 1.36 %
Parvest Sustainable Bond Euro Corporate (Parvest Euro Corporate Bond Sustainable Development) LU, FI, LB, NO, LI, SE, AT, MT, UK, NL, ES, GR, IT, FR, DE, BE, BH, CZ, JE, PT, CH, HU 1.18 %


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