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Last update on: 15/01/2018

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Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH
Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH
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Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH

Fund data (Equity Fund)

Fund size

(as of 31/12/2017)

117.20 mil. EUR
Share class size

(as of 31/12/2017)

117.20 mil. EUR
Fund price (as of 15/01/2018)
Offer 99.89 EUR
Bid 95.13 EUR

Growth (as of 15/01/2018) *

10 Years n.s.
5 Years 78.37 %
3 Years 27.13 %
1 Year 8.31 %
Current year 2.88 %
Benchmark 100% MSCI World Index

* in Euro (€)

Master data of Funds
Launch date 01/10/2009
Available in AT, DE
Fund type Equity Fund
Kind of fund Sustainability and ethical funds / Sustainability-/ Ethical fund
Aim of investment The investment objective is to achieve a long-term capital growth in addition to marketable yields.
Investment strategy The Fund has to invest at least 51 percent in shares, who's issuer and/or use of assets meet sustainability criteria and account for the sustainability criteria.
Investment process The fund invests worldwide in equities of companies that must meet a clearly defined list of requirements. Companies go through a multi-step selection process. In the center of the process, is the environmental and social analysis and the analysis in regard to ethical and responsible corporate governance. First, strict exclusion criteria are the most important hurdle for companies. Through this step companies are excluded on principle, who allow child labor, are violating human rights, produce a significant amount of alcohol, tobacco or weapons and offer gaming activities. In a second step, a sustainability research is carried out by Union Investment, as well as a best-in-class analysis to identify those securities who are the best in implementing the concept of sustainability their field. From the remaining investment universe, the fund manager selects individual securities based on the returns.

The negative criteria: spirits/alcohol (production), gambling, green gene technology, red genetic engineering, pornography, tobacco (production), be considered when more than 5% of total sales. Also coal be considered when more than 30% of total sales or power generation.
Positive criteria Construction of renewable energy systems, specific system components and operation of such facilities); manufacture of products and systems to increase energy and resource efficiency, recycling; construction of facilities and specific components for the extraction and purification of drinking water and operation of such installations; Eco-efficient buildings, clean water, green technologies, where at least 40 percent of the company's total sales to be achieved with the topic / in the industry
Negative criteria for stocks and corporate bonds Governance:
- corruption and bribery
- violations of OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises
- violations of the UN Global Compact

Ethical and Social:
- alcohol
- alcohol/spirits
- nuclear weapons
- exploitative child labour
- exploitation of people
- exploitation of animals (avoidable)
- hindrance of union activities
- banned weapons
- gambling
- child labour
- landmines
- weapons of mass destruction (ABC/CBRN)
- pornography
- genetic engineering (medicine)
- violations regarding human dignity
- spirits
- cluster bombs and anti-personnel mines
- tobacco products
- therapeutic cloning
- animal experimentation
- animal experimentation (avoidable)
- violations of human rights
- violations of the ILO protocol
- weapons/armaments
- forced labour

- nuclear power stations
- fossil power stations
- chlorine or agrochemicals (e.g. biocides)
- fossil fuels
- genetically modified organisms
- genetic engineering
- genetic engineering in agriculture
- genetic engineering (agriculture)
- nuclear power
- coal
- nuclear technology

- exploitation of the environment or employees or society
- investment in companies with negative criteria
- controversial business practices
- proven (serious) manipulation of business dealings
- other serious negative social, ecological and ethical effects or high risks
- serious negative ecological effects and high risks
- environmental offences
- environmentally harmful conduct*
- abnormalities in balance of accounts /unethical compensation

Negative criteria for government bonds Ethical and Social:
- child labour (countries)
- human trafficking
- death penalty
- dependent countries, according to Freedom House*
- violations of human rights (countries)
- violations of employment law
- violations of Non-Proliferation Treaty of Nuclear Weapons (countries)

- non-ratification of the Kyoto Protocol

- authoritarian regime
- high military budget*
- nuclear energy by share of gross energy production
- corruption

Research done by InHouse

This fund profile is aligned with the fund company.



*no exclusion but part of the analysis


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